Ways To Bid

To the auction novice, bidding at auction can feel like a daunting prospect however it is actually very simple and easy to do. If you are considering buying a property at auction we set out below the three simple options available to you:

In Person

If you decide to bid in person by attending one of our auctions all you need to do is on arrival register a few simple details such as your name, address and contact details at which point you will be a given a bidding paddle. The bidding paddle has a unique number which identifies you as the bidder and you simply raise the paddle showing it to the auctioneer when making your bid. A member of our staff will be happy to explain the process or even sit with you while you are bidding during the auction. If you are a successful bidder then the paddle number will be used to identify you as the purchaser.

By Proxy

If you are unable to attend the auction you may wish to use the proxy bidding option. By completing the forms either in the catalogue or available to download from our website you effectively submit a bid in writing and authorise the auctioneer to bid on your behalf in line with the bidding increments in the room up to the maximum figure stated by you on your form. This does not mean that the auctioneer will automatically use your highest bid amount it merely sets a limit beyond which the auctioneer is not authorised to place bids on your behalf and you may still be able to buy the property for an amount lower than your proxy bid dependent on the reserve set and bids placed by other parties.

By Telephone

Telephone bidding provides another option to people unable to attend the auction event itself. If you submit the telephone bidding form found in the catalogue or available to download from our website you will be required to pay the minimum deposit, in cleared funds, prior to auction. The process is very simple in that a member of our team will contact you shortly before the property is offered in the room and will relay the bidding activity in the room and allow you to submit a bid by telephone if you so wish. Bidding by telephone is equally as effective as bidding in person or by proxy and is a very common route for people to bid where they are unable to attend the auction event itself.

By Internet

You can register for internet bidding through iBidder http://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/pugh-and-company once you have completed the registration Pugh & Company will contact you to take your deposit payment and Money Laundering ID. You will then be able to use the internet bidding service. Please note the internet bidding service is not guaranteed and, maybe interrupted and bidders therefore use this service wholly at their own risk. The service is provided free of charge by ATG Media/Pugh & Company “as is” and “when is” available only. Pugh & Company Auctioneers have no liability where a bid fails to be received by the Auctioneer or is delayed or where a bid is made in error for whatever reason.